The PHP is an HTML element, not a PHP one.

On many Internet websites, you’ll come across article explaining you HTML and PHP. But none of them teach you that the PHP tag should be considered as an HTML element, not as a PHP one. Worse, many example you’ll find does this mistake again and again. This article is PHP centered, but apply to other technologies like JSP or most templates systems, where code is mixed with logic.
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Interfacing D with C++ : start new thread

Interfacing D with C++ is sometime tricky. In this scenario, I will show how to start a thread from C++ that execute C++ code, but in a valid D environment, so that C++ code can interact with D code safely.

This work as been done to port SFML2 to D2 language. But the technique is useful for anybody who want to start safely thread in a environment with code in both C++ and D.

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